onStage (former dance)

Current onStage rules

In the onStage (formerly Dance) competition, the creativity of the participants is particularly in demand. This applies to the ingenuity of the choreography, the design of costumes and robots and the movements of the robots.

onStage’s motto is: Show your creative side!

In the performance, the applicants have by and large a free hand. This means that the music and the corresponding choreography can be chosen by themselves. The only restriction is the duration of the performance. It must be between 1 and 2 minutes.
Supporting the robot, the participants themselves can also participate in the performance. Another point where creativity is required is the “dressing up” of the robots. Here, the motto or the music should be taken into consideration. The competition takes place on a stage (large flat surface) and is judged by a jury. The overall impression of the performance is an important criterion.

In addition to the technical aspects (construction and programming of the robots), the evaluation will also focus on the dance performance, synchronization and creative storytelling.