RoboCupJunior Austrian Open 2023



Important!!! Due to organizational reasons the regisrtation for RoboCupJunior Austrian Open 2023 will close by March 31 2023!

In 2023 the RoboCupJunior Austrian Open will take place in Klagenfurt. The 15. RobocupJunior Austrian Open will include the following disciplines: Soccer, onStage, and Rescue (Line and Maze) and will take place in the Lakeside Park and the University of Klagenfurt. The planning is based on the actual Covid-19 situation and will be adapted if the situation changes.

If the number of participants is low, some competitions may be held together or canceled (e.g. Rescue Line Primary and Secondary together). The ranking still takes place in the individual disciplines (e.g. the best three primary teams).

As in previous years the tournament will be used for the qualification for international events. For 2022 the 4th European RoboCupJunior Open in Croatia  ( and the RoboCup 2023 in France ( is planned.

Following the international trend, we will offer simplified Entry Leagues for Rescue and Soccer for the first time for youths up to 14 years of age at the RoboCupJunior Austrian Open 2023.


The rules for the disciplines have already been (practically) finalized and can be found as usual for Rescue, onStage, Soccer. Even if the documents are still officially in process, there will be no more major changes!


In contrast to the international roboCup, where a minimum age of 14 years applies, we want to continue to offer younger teams the opportunity to participate in RoboCupJunior. That is why there are two categories in all Austrian competitions for onStage: Primary for all from 10-14 years and Secondary for all from 14-19 years and for Soccer and Rescue new Entry Leagues for all from 10-14 years. The competitions will be judged separately, but only the best teams of the Secondary competitions can qualify for the international RoboCup. For the RoboCupJunior European Open there is the possibility for all from 10-14 years to qualify in the Entry Leagues.

The following categories will be offered in 2023:

  • onStage Primary (10-14 years)
  • onStage Secondary (up to years)
  • Rescue Line Entry (10-14 years)
  • Rescue Line (up to 19 years)
  • Rescue Maze Entry (10-14 years)
  • Rescue Maze (up to 19 years)
  • Soccer Entry (10-14 years)
  • Soccer Lightweight Entry (10-14 years)
  • Soccer Lightweight (up to 19 years)
  • Soccer Open (up to 19 years)


The RoboCupJunior Austrian Open 2023 will take place on April 13 and 14 2023.

12. April 2023 18:00-20:00 Pre Check-In
13. April 2023 8:00-10:30 Registration
13. April 2023 9:30: Mentoren Meeting
13. April 2023 10:30  Opening Ceremony
13. April 2023  11:00  Start Competitions
14. April 2023 08:00-15:00 Uhr Competitions
14. April 2023 15:00  Award Ceremony

Registration fees

Early bird is valid until the registration deadline March 21, 2023!
Due to the unpredictability of the current situation, there are no cancellation fees and the participation fees will be fully refunded in case of cancellation by the authorities or the organizer.

35 Euro / team (one supervisor is included)
30 Euro / team member
30 Euro for a second supervisor

Regular registration after March 21, 2023!

49 Euro / team (one supervisor is included here)
38 Euro / team member
38 Euro for a second supervisor


Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH, Lakeside B11, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee


List of accommodation: Unterkünfte_RoboCup Junior23